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Under the irrigation scheme, subsidy is being given on agricultural equipment, 75% by the center and 25% by the state government
The government is making various efforts to strengthen the agricultural economy while helping the farmers. Several types of agricultural schemes are going on for this purpose by the government. Agricultural irrigation scheme is also one of the many ambitious schemes for farmers. The scheme is run at the coordination of the central and state government. Under this scheme, farmers are provided with appropriate amounts of water for irrigation in their fields and subsidized for irrigation equipment. What is the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Scheme? Even today most of the farmers in the country depend on rain for farming. At the same time, farmers also suffer losses when the rains are less and they are not able to get good yields. To improve this, it has been decided by the Central Government to introduce the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana. The goal of this scheme is to benefit more and more farmers, for which a budget of Rs 50 thousand crore has been allocated for five years. Benefits of Prime Minister Agricultural Irrigation Scheme: The area where farmers are facing problems in farming due to lack of water is given benefits under this scheme. To get the benefits of the scheme, farmers have to have their own arable land and water resources. 75% grant will be given by the center and 25% by the state government in the amount spent in the scheme.This will also benefit farmers in irrigation schemes like drip / sprinkler. Due to the new equipment, it will save 40-50 percent water. This scheme will also benefit the farmers along with that increases agricultural production as well as the quality of the produce.
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