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Government to provide loans at 3 percent interest rate to become self-reliant, apply soon
The Narendra Modi government is giving loans at 3 percent interest to make people self-reliant. If your employment is affected due to the lockdown and you want to withstand again, the government will help you in this. The government has started the PM Swanidhi scheme for this. However, this scheme has been started for those doing small business so that they can take advantage of it and become self dependent.The occupation of street vendors has also been affected in the lockdown. The government has launched it under the PM Street Vendor Atma Nirbhar Nidhi scheme to provide special relief to the street vendors. In this way, under the PM Swanidhi scheme, people doing small business can easily take a loan of 10 thousand rupees. There is no need to run too much to get a loan. You can also apply from mobile phones and the official web portal of PM Swanidhi. No guarantee is needed for this. The government will give a loan of 10 thousand rupees for one year with very easy terms to those applying for the PM Swanidhi scheme. After paying the loan in installments in one year, the government will give you a 7 percent subsidy. In this way, the government is giving you a loan at only three percent interest. Any person selling items along the roads and especially the street vendors can take advantage of this. No surety is required for taking this loan. No need to pay a fine in case of any problem in repaying the loan. Under the PM Swanidhi scheme, those who do small jobs can easily take a loan of 10 thousand rupees for a year. In one year, the government will deposit 7 percent interest in the account of those who repay the loan. In this way, the government is providing this loan at just three percent interest. The Central Government has sanctioned 5 thousand crores for this. About 50 lakh people will be benefited under this scheme. The Modi government has launched several schemes to compensate those who have suffered economic loss due to the lockdown during the Corona transition. PM Swanidhi scheme is also one of them. To maintain the flow of cash in the market, the government has also directed banks to provide loans to ordinary businessmen, small and medium businesses. Source: Krishi jagran, 28 July 2020 If you feel this information is useful, like it and share it with your friends.
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