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AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
02 Oct 19, 06:00 PM
Monsoon SamacharSandesh News Paper
The biggest relief news for Gujarat's farmers will be the departure of Monsoon
News of relief for farmers has come up in Gujarat. The meteorological department said that the cyclonic system created on the state of Gujarat is now lost. And has now flown to Rajasthan. Farmers have been disappointed with the weather department's forecast. Because, the continuous rainfall has greatly damaged the crop. And the drought was also being feared. According to the Meteorological Department, the depression system in the state is weak. And the cyclonic system created on the state of Gujarat is now removed from the state. The weather department has said that there will still be a rainstorm in the state for 24 hours. However, the intensity of rainfall decreases. Farmers have breathed a sigh of relief following this forecast announced by the Meteorological Department. The forecasts made by the meteorological department have come true. The weather department said that by October 1, the rain system will be removed from the state. And on October 3, the rain will depart from Gujarat. Source: Sandesh News, October 01, 2019
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