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AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
01 Dec 19, 06:30 PM
Animal HusbandryKrishi Jaagran
Potential Diseases and Prevention of New-Born Calves
Caring for new-born cattle calves is a tough task by itself. Calves are most likely to get illnesses since a few months after birth. Therefore it is necessary to take special care of them for a few months after birth. Let's learn the diseases from which calves need to be protected.
1. Diarrhoea Calves are most likely to be affected by diarrhoea. Special attention must therefore be taken for them. Diarrhoea is also lives-threatening, and animals can also die from it. This disease can be triggered for many causes, such as over-consumption of milk stomach infection stomach worms, etc. Precaution and Treatment: Let the calves consume milk in the sufficient quantity; contact the doctor in case of diarrhoea problems. 2. Stomach Worms The disease is most likely to occur in cow-buffalo calves. Calves start to become weak due to stomach worms that result in diarrhoea or constipation. Precaution and Treatment: A medicine called Piperazine is suitable for the treatment of this disease. This medication should be given to the cow and buffalo to kill the worms in the last cycle of pregnancy. It is best to give Piperazine Liquid or Pill once every one and a half months until 6 months. 3. Navel Ill The umbilical cord of the new-born calf is at the highest risk of infection. The navel swells due to infection. Precaution and Treatment: Do not take this disease lightly and contact your nearest veterinarian. Source: Krishi Jagran