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AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
01 Sep 19, 06:30 PM
Animal HusbandryNDDB
Important things to consider about Animal Husbandry in September
• Due to good monsoon, there is a strong possibility of diseases due to water logging problem in the cattle shed; hence, proper management of rainwater drainage should be taken care of. • Keep the cattle in a dry and elevated place. • Store the fodder properly in a dry and elevated place. • Take special care of the cleanliness of the cattle shed. Spray lime solution on the floor and walls from time-to-time. • Pay attention and take special measures to protect cattle from atmospheric temperature fluctuations. • Protect animals from parasites. When cattle enters heat, 12 to 18 hours Artificial Insemination should be given. • To avoid problems related to excessive consumption of animals due to the multi-availability of green fodder in this season, do not send animals outside to graze in the open. Give mineral mixture with the feed. • Mix and feed dry fodder with green fodder. • In this month, shear the wool of sheep. Source: NDDB And FAO
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