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AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
11 Nov 19, 01:00 PM
Krishi VaartaOutlook Agriculture
Export of agricultural products from the country will be at $60 billion by 2022!
Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Authority (APEDA) President Pawan Kumar Barthakur said that the new agricultural export policy will increase exports of agricultural products from the country to $ 60 billion by 2022.
He said at the Eleventh Organic Products Fair that the new agricultural export policy has helped narrow the gap between the Commerce and Agriculture Ministry, which makes it easier to export the country's agricultural products by 2022. Agricultural exports currently stand at $ 38 billion. Referring to the interest of foreign buyers in the Eleventh Organic Products Fair, Barthakur said that the demand for Indian organic food products is increasing and soon textiles and Ayurvedic medicines will also be included in this category. This three-day fair lasted from November 7 to 9. APEDA General Manager Tarun Bajaj said that foreign buyers from China, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Mexico and the European Union have used organic medicinal plants, cosmetics, textiles to meet the growing consumption of organic products in their countries. There is a keen interest in Indian organic food products ranging from coarse grains like jowar. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 8 November 2019 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.